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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  August 20, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the jury says naso also killed a 22-year-old. a 38-year-old found in '93. and a 31-year-old in '94. all the victims' first and last name have the same initial. rogash says he came to the trial in memory of his sister and the other women, too. >> they were all young girls. all of them forgotten. i haven't seen a single family member since i have been here. i'm the only one here. >> reporter: the jury returns september 4th to begin the penalty phase. naso will again act as his own attorney as he attempts to avoid the death penalty. allen. >> larry rogash has been quite active. any more messages from him. >> reporter: he has been a little too active. a couple times the court has called him in. he asked the jurors if they had seen the messages. both times the judge ruled it was not jury contamination.
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>> don knapp, thanks. developing news out of alameda county. a grass fire. kpix 5's juliette goodrich with more. >> reporter: these east dublin homes, this fire came close to them. this fire was visible for miles. >> this is what the trivalley looked like around 2:30 this afternoon when fire broke out on camp parks. within minutes, nine fire engines, four air tankers, a helicopter swooped in to start knocking down flames. it was too close for comfort for many residents living nearby. >> did you know it was close to your house? >> hen i heard it was at camp park, my heart started racing. >> i still see some flames, you guys. >> 170-acres burned, but firefighters were able to gain control and knock it out before it jumped the road and headed
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into this neighborhood. >> coming home not knowing what to expect when we come home, we live on the other side of camp park, so we're a little worried about our animals. we have been told the flames haven't come to this side where the fire started so i think the houses over here are pretty good. >> reporter: this fire is now contained. 170-acres. at this point, firefighters say it was a controlled burn. in dublin, juliette goodrich kpix 5. right now there are fires burning all over northern california. the rim fire has torched threes 11 -- nearly 11,000-acres near yosemite. the community of buck meadows has been evacuated. the flames also shut down highway 120. the rim fire, as i say, one of several big wildfires burning
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across the northern part of the state. the american fire is the largest. it has burned nearly 15,000- acres in the tahoe national forest northeast of forest hill, but the growth, we're told is slowing. fire crews have it a little more than 50% contained. from the front lines of the fire in butte. firefighters have the fire 75% contained and homes are no longer threatened. all the evacuation orders have been lifted. with all those fires going, this is the last thing firefighters want to see. lightning lit up the sky across the bay area last night. we do expect to see more, at least it's possible tonight. kpix 5's brian rafael has more. >> reporter: we have been up in the bay area all day today. everybody still talking about that lightning. fortunately, most of those few thousand strikes hit way out over the ocean, maybe a hundred mile or so and that set up quite a show. >> the town of pacifica had a
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front row seat to a thrilling light show only mother nature could manufacture. >> it was crazy. it was like boom. >> social media lit up, too, with pictures fremont ray to nappa valley. from cheap seats to the ball game to right out your front window. >> it was awesome. >> sue degree sits on the pacifica city down schism last night's lightning had people like her staring in complete silence. >> i have never seen lightning that covered the entire is sky and spread o. people were mesmerized. >> the best part of the performance, it's free. just look up, open your eyes and you can have a front row seat, too. >> all of a sudden we see this beautiful lightning. strange, interesting, surprising. >> reporter: a lot of the weather experts thinking that lightning might come up here to the north to marin county. tonight at 6:00 we will tell you how the marin county fire department is preparing already. i am brian webb, kpix. >> it is fascinating to look
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at, but dry lightning is the last thing firefighters need right now. brian hackney, what's causing it? >> reporter: that low pressure that has been offshore all season, but right now it's deepening off san francisco, heading toward the bay area, but the atmosphere has dried out. so you can see on the kpix 5 high def doppler, there is not a dry area. lots of thunderstorms for us. what we expect is that low to begin to track north and east. as it does over the next 24 hours, that will bring more unstable air. it will especially favor the north bay. does it guarantee a repeat performance of what we had last night? it does not. because the situation just isn't the same. never theless, the low gets closer, the unstable air gets closer, so there is the potential we could get lightning strikes tomorrow. that is why they still have the red flag warning posted through tomorrow evening. the hazard due to the thunderstorm chance. we had 11,000, 11,000 lightning
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strikes last night in just a four-hour period. so that low gets closer, there is the potential we could pick up a few more in the next 24 hours. we will track it for you. we mr. have the forecast a few minutes from now. >> thank you. i will keep my camera ready. a home invasion in the east bay turns violent. how things quickly got out of hand when the homeowner tried to call for help. i thank god no one was hurt. no one. not eve tennessee s. he wasn't hurt. >> a man with an assault rifle scary moments at an elementary school in georgia. how officials prevented tragedy. first, a beached whale. now, a great white spotted at the beach. what may have brought the shark so close to shore. ,,,,,,
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woman as her two children s in the next room. police say ten last night i a home imvision in pittsburgh turned into a vicious attack when two suspects beat a woman when her children were sleeping in the
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next room. police say it happened last night about 10:00 o'clock at a home. the suspects demanded money from the woman. when she went for a home security alarm button, the suspects started beating her. >> now my wife cannot sleep. her face is all messed up. think about it if somebody ever did that to your mom or your family, how would you feel, you know. so i just want to let you guys know that it's not right what you guys are doing. >> well, the woman call 0911 after the suspects took off right out the front door. she was taken to a hospital, treated for bruising to her face and amount police say they are looking for a silver suv that was seen in that area. a school tragedy averted today in georgia. a teenager armed with an assault rifle fired shots at police at an elementary school near atta . teachers rushed students to the very back of
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the school. they waited safely outside as police confronted that gunman at the school's front office. he eventually surrendered. worried parents rushed to that school. >> i was in shock. i was scared with fear. i didn't know what was going on. my baby probably went into shock because he's not used to stuff like that. >> none of the students was injured. the suspect's name has not been released and has no known connection to that school. authorities in duncan, oklahoma say boredom was behind the random murder of an australia baseball player going to school there. detectives arrested three suspects for last week's shooting of 22-year-old christopher lane as he was jogging. these are those teenagers. they are 15, 16, and 17 years old. apparently they mentioned the crime on their facebook pages. lane was in the united states attending college on a baseball scholarship. the count down is on for
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obamacare signups. why some companies such as forever 21 are cutting back on employee hours and benefits because because of it. the first family is introducing a new family member. we will introduce you to sunny, still ahead. the critics agree, build your
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an off duty lifeguard spott e shark 300 yards shark warning signs are posted at the beach in marin county. apparently, it was an off duty life guard who spotted a great white shark about 300 yards off the beach yesterday. officials believe the shark was drawn closer to the shore after that dead whale washed up yesterday morning. swimming, surfing are off limits for the next five days. >> taking a few days off work, and i just came out to get in the water, but that's not going to happen. >> life guards say it is not uncommon for great whites to appear this time of year. two weeks from today you'll be driving on a new bay bridge, but for that to happen, we're going to see an around the clock push to get it ready. ken bastida with a look at the crunch time. ken. >> reporter: how you doing, allen. we waited 24 years for this. '89. that's when the bay area was
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shaken. what's another two weeks, right? they have a lot of work to do. you ever build a house or open a business? there is a thing called a punch list and right now they're trying to punch through it. >> i would say there is nervous energy, but everyone is very confident this work is going to be getting done. >> it's been a long and sometimes bumpy road for the new bay bridge, but the finish line is in site. cal tran is now getting ready for the complete bridge shut down which will allow crews to realign traffic on the oakland side of the skyway. that will mean a slight shift in your drive. >> if you're heading to san francisco, you kind of turn a little bit to the left. this is going to be more of a straight shot >> this job will be nothing like what we have seen before. >> back in 2009 we rolled in and reasonable doubt -- rolled out massive steel deck sections. that work was much more complicated. >> the buck of the final push is really in the details. road striping, lane arrows,
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reflectors, electronic information board. good old-fashioned exit signs and emergency call boxes. take a step back and you start to see the bigger, bigger picture as this construction site quickly becomes a highway you get a feel for how the roadway arches over the bay. how eastbound traffic will rise up to the bridge d and how that giant curtain of white suspension cables will hang over your commute. >> i don't want to call it jarring, but it's going to be a very different experience for people when they drive over this bridge in terms of what they have been used to, but we'll get into that a little bit later this week. >> reporter: you know, allen, i just got off the phone with andrew gordon, the information officer for cal tran who is working on the bay bridge project. i asked him give me one thing that nobody knows about, one thing that has to be hooked up. and he said, how about the toilet, all the sewage coming from treasure island. we have to disconnect the old
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sewage line and reconnect the new sewage lines so all the toilets work and the sewage will flow back to san francisco. otherwise, it will be a big problem. he said nobody's asked me about that yet. >> one thing ken didn't know was that his battery was about to die, apparently. the old bridge will completely close in eight days. that means we're down to 13 days before the first cars hit the new fresh pavement. follow along, even the restrooms, right latest updates. on the consumer watch, sue quan reports some businesses are already pushing employees in that correction by cutting off their benefits. >> forever 21 employees won't be forever covered by health care. the company told staffers cutbacks are coming. >> that's not right to do that to them because they work really hard. >> a memo out lined part time employees can not exceed 29.5 hours. that happens to be just short
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of the definition of a full- time employee who deserves company health care under obamacare. >> sad what they are doing. >> if i need something i'll run in there and get it, but hope it changes. >> forever 21 is not alone. a benefits consulting firm surveyed 900 employers and found 20% of retail and hospitality companies plan to cut worker hours to under 30 hours a week, and that's to avoid the requirement under obamacare to provide insurance to those hitting that threshold will pay a penalty. >> the state agency covered california is ramping up to reach the uninsured. it provided this video of hundredsover call center staff lining up to be trained on helping consumers enroll in appropriate health plans starting october 1st. they have a challenge ahead. a new field poll shows one in four california voters know little or nothing about they fordable care act and how to participate. on the consumer watch, sue quan
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kpix 5. >> for more information how to sign go to click quick links. u.s. stocks finished mixed today. investors focused on earning reports from several of the major retailers. the dow posted its fifth straight day of losses nearly closing above the 15,000 mark. nasdaq and s&p 500 ended slightly higher. expectations for jc penney was not good. they posted a loss of $586 million or $2.66 a share. more than double the loss analyst were expecting. it is the ninth straight quarter jc penney sales have declined. things looking much better for best bite the company's earnings jumped to 266 million dollars last quarter compared to just 12 million the same quarter a year ago. chief executive for the company says the reason for thebook
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aggressive cost cutting. 34 million americans will travel more than 50 miles to celebrate labor day this year. the aaa reports that's up more than 4% over last year, the highest level since 2008. what's behind that? the travel group credits an improving economy increased consumer spending, and private or not, a recovering housing market. although, if you just get into a house aren't you going to want to say home? >> that's what i would think. >> especially in the bay area. >> reporter: enjoy the light show we might get tonight. >> did you get to see it? >> reporter: no. i'm hoping to tonight. >> maybe tomorrow middayish in the afternoon in the north bay. >> reporter: when you grow up in the bay area, this stuff is rare so you get excited about it. it was quite a show last night. more than 11,000 cloud to cloud and cloud to ground lightning strikes. most of the action right now, as you can see on the high def doppler is out there in the
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sierra. lake tahoe reporting light rain and thunder. they have pretty heavy cells in the sierra. in the bay area, not much. concord has 83 degrees. oakland 64. livermore 63. santa rosa 68. winds picking up. pleasantton 16 miles an hour. bay area, airport 12 miles an hour. west northwest and fairfield per petiolely windy at 18 miles an hour. the winds are pick up. might want to bubble up if you go -- bundle up if you two see the giants take on the red sox. the weather headlines, thunderstorms are possible until tomorrow. tomorrow evening up in the east bit. critical fire danger -- east bay. critical fire danger. we will be on the alert tomorrow. tonight doesn't look so likely. the low pressure that's offshore is going to slowly head toward the bay area.
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so thunderstorms possible through tomorrow. maybe even a thunder bump or want to we shall see. in the meantime -- bumper or two. heading to the sierra area, they have flash flood watches posted around yosemite with thunderstorms out there. back in the bay tonight, south bay -- rather tomorrow, south bay will be up to 79 degrees in san jose. cupertino 82. a cooling trend between now and wednesday with antioch just at 90 d. alameda 70. let's look ahead. thunderstorm chance tomorrow in the b not much of a chance. you see one and you think oh bike let -- boy, let's get in line for tonight. not going to happen. we warm up on friday. inland goes down into the mid 80s. a little bit of a cooling trend on the way for the bay area. >> okay. but i still want to get my camera ready.
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you're just really telling me no. >> reporter: yeah. sorry about that. now for the first time a new study done here in the bay area is suggesting nearly everyone who has hypertension can manage it and keep it under control. >> as a veterinarian, this doctor sees a lot of patients. >> your heart murmur is about the same. >> but his doctors have always kept an eye on his blood pressure. >> i have had high blood pressure most of my life, even when i was running a lot. >> coauthor dr. mark jaffey said when they looked at the numbers eight years later, the percentage of patients who had their bonder control had almost tabled. >> it was unimaginable that the hypertension rate would be under 90% when we first
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started. we were all surprised. >> the five-part program created a registry of hypertension patients. it looked at what different doctors to successfully treat those patients. they shared all that information with each other. blood pressure checks became more convenient and were done more frequently. and, they came up with a two for one pill. >> it's two blood pressure medicines in the same tablet. this makes it a lot easier for people to get their bonder control. lots of people are going to end up needing to be on more than one blood pressure medicine toed a cattily control their blood pressure. >> it is cheaper to buy one medicine rather than two. is it working? dr. jaffey said the results were stunning. for patients in the program, there was a 42% drop in death from stroke. heart attacks decreased by 4%. the most serious heart attacks cropped 62%. for don, he has lost 60 pounds, takes fewer medications and feels he's in control of his health. >> so many of our health conditions we can't change, and then it was not just taking the
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medicine. it was exercise, diet, stress reduction and the medication. i'm much happier than i was before. >> doctor jaffey says the most important thing is you find out whether you have high blood pressure because it doesn't cause any symptoms, so you could be walking around with hypertension and not even know it. the obamas doubling down with a second dog. meetb's newest sibling. that's next. ,,,, look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house,
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white house. the obama's adopted a new dog. it's the same breed as "bo" -- the p famously promised by the
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president back in 2008. there is a new addition at the white house. the obamas have adopted a new dog. the same breed as bo the president got in 2008. >> you have earned the new puppy that's coming with us to the white house. >> well, the new pet, a 14 month-old portuguese water dog was a surprise. the obamas sticking with the breed because they're hypoallergenic. they don't shed. they named her sunny because she is full of energy and very affectionate. twice as nice. now for a look at what's ahead on the evening news. hundredsover firefighters battling huge wildfires in idaho. the prepare level is raised to the highest mark for the first time in five years for wildfires. we will take you to the scene, tonight on cbs news. ,,,,,,,,
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at the america's cup are so new at 6:00 tonight, another wipe out. the technology that has experienced sailors struggling to keep up. this could be the safest car on the road. how tesla is raising the bar for crash safety tests. those stories and much more coming up at 6:00 tonight. thanks for watching at 5:00. cbs evening news bob schieffer is next. see you in 30 minutes.
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>> tonight, school kids running for their lives. in decatur georgia it begins with a shooting. this one has a different ending. bob orr has the latest. hundreds battle wild fires in the west, the right es mark for the first -- highest mark for the first time in five years. ben trace he is on the fire line. they are arrested as the government continues the crack down and pressure builds on the united states to cut off aid. charlie d'agata is in cairo and talks to the foreign minister. and one of the greatest criminal minds ever. we'll remember author elmore leonard. >> i don't want my reader ever to be aware of me.


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